Gary compares Klopp to Sir Alex Ferguson.

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Former famous defender Gary Neville praises Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp as a great manager, similar to legendary Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson.

    The “Reds” overhauled the team, especially in midfield this season. In addition, he has always faced the problem of injuries to players ยูฟ่าเบท. But Klopp still leads the team to show excellent form in pursuit of the Premier League championship at this time. Which Gary gives full credit to the German coach.

    “If we look back from the start of the season. Look at what everyone is saying about Liverpool and their chances of winning the title this season,”. Gary said on his own podcast after the game at Anfield. “The reason why Liverpool is still there is the opportunity. To win the Premier League championship That’s because of him (Klopp).”

    “Klopp has a big personality. A great character and someone who connects not just with the players or club officials. But also the whole city, the language he uses, his tone and the fans.”

    “I think that’s what great managers do. They do more than just play great football. They do more than just win football games. And they do more than just win championships. These things affect people’s lives every day, every week and I think Klopp has done that for Liverpool.

    “I think there are men and women and kids in Liverpool who go to school, who wake up in the morning, who go to work and they miss the passion and energy of Jurgen Klopp.”

    “I think Sir Alex Ferguson has the ability to connect with the fans at Old Trafford and for me he is a loss for Liverpool and he is a loss for the Premier League because There are few people like him in today’s football world.”

    “I hope he (Klopp) doesn’t become Liverpool manager and can’t wait for him to move quickly from a selfish point of view. Because I know that if he stays here, Liverpool have a great chance of success.”