Danilo believes Mbappe’s as a substitute is normal.

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PSG defender Danilo Pereira sees Kylian Mbappe’s emergence as a substitute in the latest match as a matter of rotating the players to keep them fresh.

Paris Saint-Germain Can only draw at home with Reims 2-2 in Ligue 1 last Sunday, with PSG now 10 points ahead of second place after 25 matches.

“Not very enthusiastic We started the game badly. But after that it got better. We raise the level of play. However, it was not a good first half as a goal was conceded before time was up.

“In the second half, we tried to play faster than before. But it came out the same as before the first break, still ahead (second place) by many points โปรโมชั่น ufabet. But our aim is to win every match. We know there are tough games in Ligue 1 and this one is no exception.

“We are always trying to win but that doesn’t always happen. It’s not like we’re easing off the accelerator. It’s a matter of concept. It was difficult after just playing in the Champions League. 

“The coach (Luis Enrique) believes every player, Kylian, can come on as a substitute on the appropriate occasion. Because we have many games to play, including the Champions League or even the French Cup, which is coming up (this Wednesday) is an important game.

“He plays every game and he has to rest his body as well. It is normal that sometimes he is on the bench.”