Do you weary of the πŸ…³πŸ…ΎπŸ…ΆπŸ…ΆπŸ†ˆ πŸ†‚πŸ†ƒπŸ†ˆπŸ…»πŸ…΄ aren’t satisfactory? Try These 10 Easy Fixes.

Do you weary of the Doggy-style aren't satisfactory? Try These 10 Easy Fixes.
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Do you weary of the πŸ…³πŸ…ΎπŸ…ΆπŸ…ΆπŸ†ˆ πŸ†‚πŸ†ƒπŸ†ˆπŸ…»πŸ…΄ aren’t satisfactory? Try These 10 Easy Fixes.

Doggy style is possibly among the famous and relaxed positions for sexual sex. However, prolonged sex can be tedious. If you’re bored, you tend to be fidgeting. There’s another problem: if your man is large and tall, the prospect of having sex in this location could be challenging.

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What do women can do to change it in the least? Guys love it when women are in their fours. I’m wondering if this posture can give guys a feeling of authority, holding the butts or the love handles in their hands while watching their man’s little body moving through and out.

This position also allows for the maximum amount of penetration. Perhaps those are the sole two criteria that make the doggy position an ideal place for intimate relationships.

What happens when you doggy-style?

When you are ready to bend and sit down on your hands and knees in readiness to do it, the pelvis will adjust itself to a point where the vagina’s length becomes shorter. For a better understanding, it is possible to say that the vaginal canal has been condensed.

However, on the contrary, you and your partner have complete power over the speed and depth of penetration. What occurs is when the penis begins exerting pressure onto the vaginal canal that is already compromised, and then it could cause pain because of stress that is not needed.

What you must do is alter your speed and angle. After a few sessions of missionary sex, doggy-style sexual sex can be a bit different. It’s a beautiful sensation because you’re not used to the level of penetration and the angle, resulting in various phenomena.

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Another aspect that must be considered to ensure a comfortable sexual experience is the penis of your partner. The length, girth and size play an essential part when it comes to stimulating the vagina.

Just a tiny penis bend by your partner could alter the size of this position. Be sure to inform your partner that it’s becoming painful or uncomfortable. Alter your angles to see the place and when it starts getting better.

Also, it is essential to inform your partner to manage the thrust and the penetration while doing it. Guys can go resounding doggy fashion, which makes them very horny. This is why they start to pound hard when they are in the position.

A sensitive cervix could cause discomfort. If that is the scenario, you must communicate your pain to your partner and request him to limit his movements. An intentional and slow pace of interaction is a great way to make it more enjoyable. It’s all about the anatomy, and in most instances, speed adjustments are the only thing that needs to be considered.

There are a handful of reasons that this posture could cause discomfort. Once you know the cause, it’s simple to adjust and begin feeling more comfortable. Sexuality is about having fun. So what’s the purpose of it when it doesn’t cause you to feel sexually gratified?

Are you fed up with Doggy-style Supes Not Comfortable? Try these ten easy fixes.

Since I’ve educated you on the issues that could arise, It’s now time to present the most effective solutions to prevent painful doggy-style sex.

  1. Begin in a simple method

It begins from the back. The receiver turns towards the giving person and then gets on her hands and knees. Some prefer sitting on their knees and needles the entire time, while some prefer to lean down until the hips are raised. The person giving it can do this while sitting or standing in bed or on another platform. The bulk part of this work will be performed by the person who gives the gift.

  1. Limiting the depth at which the water can penetrate

As we mentioned, the giant penis with deep drilling may create a lot of pressure for the vagina to deal with anxiety. To combat this, you can request your partner to do low-intensity movements. This can still increase the vagina’s pressure. Meantime, you can take charge of the motion by pushing backwards in a gentle manner. In addition, repositioning your arms, knees, and back will help relieve any discomfort.

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  1. Feeling the sting

For him to feel complete, You will have to be closer to him and then ask your partner to help you hold your back so that it remains in the same place. This position will also aid in removing any tension on your knees. If you want to do something else, extend your arms out in front of you and let your partner perform the exercise from behind. The result is that you will clear the vaginal canal, and the penetration occurs without obstruction. To make it more effective, it is necessary to extend your knees and spread them but don’t worry, and you’ll not fall off balance.

  1. Adjusting the height of the difference

It is quickly dealt with, so there’s no need to fret. The only thing you have to do is to close the gap, and this is done by kneeling to a comfortable level while raising your vagina and asking your partner to keep his knees on the ground. This will cover any height difference. Utilize all cushions and pillows available to create a cozy environment. Place them on your knees or elbows so that you can alter the height and eliminate any discomfort.

  1. Supporting the other way

Some couples find that the doggy fashion can leave a trail of pain and discomfort; however, this shouldn’t be the situation. It’s a beautiful design, and it is recommended to utilize cushions and pillows in the position. There is a unique sex cushion available also, as the shape of a wedge, roller and circles. They can help distribute weight evenly and eliminate friction and pressure from knees and elbows. To make this a more enjoyable position, you could pick a different spot that is more comfortable and more fun. Perhaps your kitchen or the dining room.

  1. The stimulation level is increased.

Have your partner engage in a game with your male genitals and introduce him to the other areas of your body. Do it doggy-style. Do erogenous work on various zones simultaneously. Request your partner to get your nipples stimulated and to kiss your earlobes while you simultaneously. The same way soliciting the person you are with to tug your hair or rub his hands over your chest and under it can cause an intense sexual thrill. You are aware of the way your body functions and what stimulates you sexually. Therefore, tell your partner and behave in the same way.

Hands Holding Sex Toys

  1. Utilizing sexually explicit toys

Use them, but do it while enjoying it in a doggy manner! Add anal beads, If you’re comfortable with it, a cocking rings for your companion or nipple clamps, or the foxtail anal plug or waist strap to create a doggy fashion, feather ticklers or whatever else that pops into your head. You can purchase it and use it to improve your experience. With the inclusion of sex toys, You will experience several areas of stimulation at one session. This means intense orgasm and no worries!

  1. Creativity is the main ingredient.

I’m hoping that you will be able to master doggy fashion soon. To make things more interesting, you can stand in front of a massive mirror on the wall and look at the other as you go. It gives you an incredible sensation of happiness. You are looking at one another naked, from an entirely different perspective. If you’re into bondage, you should start by spanking and letting your partner aggressively control you. He may scratch your back, place you on a choker, make you into a red blaze and pull your hair.

  1. Try anal sexual sex.

The entry point can be changed when your vagina is active, and it is possible to raise the temperature. Request your partner to utilize your anus and do it in a dog-like manner. Apply plenty of lube and loosen your muscles before playing anal. The transition from anal to the vagina is acceptable but not from the vagina to anal. When the anus has been pierced, it is essential to wash the instrument before performing vaginal perforation. Any bacteria in the anus could lead to vaginal infections. Therefore, be sure to wash your hands and have fun.

  1. Kinky from food

Imagine pouring caramel sauce or chocolate over your back and then asking your companion to take a bite while he licks it! Doesn’t that look sexy? You can spread some whipped cream on the table and then tell that he should kiss and lick your lips before eating the cream off. This is a nice turn-off for many people who have food obsessions.


The important thing is to get your partner with you in the realm of doggy-style sexual sex. Each aspect must be communicated appropriately so that you can be able to have fun.

If you’re tired of Doggy-Style Supes that Feel Not comfortable? Try these ten easy fixes. You will not fail. There’s plenty to play around with and enjoy. Get on fours!

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