Pathological gambling

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People who gamble until they have a disease called gambling addiction. (Pathological gambling) is similar to drug addiction is the mind focus on gambling all the time. unable to think or do anything else There is a desire to play that is difficult to control. In the end will gamble without thinking. When playing, there will be more greed. When the time is lost. It will feel very regretful and want it back. 

Will play to make excuses In the end, it ended up losing a lot. Surprisingly, people who gamble and lose Few are aware of the fact that very few people have had success from gambling. He always thought to himself that once it was broke, there could be some. This kind of self-consolation made him stop playing. Lack of self-control is one of the main symptoms of gambling addiction ufabet.


Someone had studied the behavior of people with gambling addiction. and other diseases with similar problems in self-control found that some parts of the brain are less active causing him to rely on high-exciting activities to be happy In the human brain, there is a region known as the amygdala, which is the center of satisfaction. When we are children, we do good deeds and people appreciate them. That impression will be stored in this amygdala. make me want to do that again This mechanism is part of our human motivation system. There can be many aspects of life satisfaction. Many activities, having such a feel-good activity gives us a way to achieve personal satisfaction, known as the pleasure circuit. Some people have more of this cycle. There are few, depending on the mood. and learning experiences in past lives People who are prone to problems are those who lack a happy life cycle. They will also seek out other satisfying activities such as gambling, substance abuse, and sex. All of which will stimulate excitement. or short-lived happiness immediately These people often cannot wait long for success or rewards. This makes it difficult to find satisfaction cycles from common activities.

If analyzing the minds of people who gamble He will be the thrill-seeking type. wishing happiness from imagination Time to gamble, an experience that many people like very much. is to win This makes happiness very satisfied Although the chances of winning are some, some are not. But he will remember only when he succeeded.

primary care

1. Screening for gambling in patients with risk factors

2. Listening to problems from patients Without judgment on actions

3. Recognize and monitor the problem of suicide among at-risk patients

4. Assess the cause or reason for gambling

5. Ask for permission from the patient Let the family play a role in helping to heal.

6. Treatment of comorbid disease and gambling addiction such as alcohol dependence, depression, etc.

7. Consult a psychotherapist. and behavior modification (Cognitive behavioral therapy)


Who has a problem with gambling addiction? You can call and ask for a consultation at the Department of Mental Health 1323. Don’t be shy. You should be ashamed of yourself more. Better find a way out. before your life gets any worse