Coventry rugby championship postponed

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The Championship game between Coventry and Rotherham on Sunday has been postpone. Because of the reason the field conditions are not ready to compete

The BBC reported that after officials inspected the surface of the Coventry Building Society Arena at 6pm on Saturday. It confirmed the postponement of the Coventry Championship match. With Rotherham in action on Sunday. The reason for the postponement was because the playing ufabet surface was not in a safe condition for playing. 

The stadium was recently use for rugby matches. Commonwealth Games Despite having to switch to Coventry for football games on August 7 and 10. The conclusion is that the pitch can be dangerous for footballers. Because there are many holes that need to be fill with sand.

Coventry chief executive Dave Boddy confirm an attempt is made to ask the Football League to switch away fixtures. But unable to do Which the club can not do anything at all because of the contract with the Commonwealth Games. And it is not certain how the conclusion of the Carabao Cup first round game against Bristol City on August 10 will come out.

“We appreciate the efforts in difficult circumstances that have been made by the Grounds Staff who work for the Arena.”

Dave Boddy, chief executive at Coventry City, add: “We are extremely disappointed at this postponement due to the condition of the pitch.