‘District 9’ Director Neill Blomkamp Joins Gunzilla Games as Chief Visionary Officer – The Hollywood Reporter

Independent developer Gunzilla Games has tapped District 9 director and co-screenwriter Neill Blomkamp as chief visionary officer.

Blomkamp will work with the company on an unannounced AAA multiplayer shooter title. In an exclusive interview with IGN on Tuesday, Blomkamp described his new position as “an egalitarian vision of being a film director,” in which he will bring his directorial skills to game aesthetics and storytelling.

Few details have been released about Gunzilla’s upcoming project, though Blomkamp seemed to suggest to the game outlet that a sci-fi world may be involved. “I think the idea of near future science fiction is something that is really interesting. Conceptually, as well as from a visual and design point of view, that’s my favorite zone to be inside of.”

This is the first time that the filmmaker, whose credits include action films Chappie and Elysium — and the upcoming supernatural horror movie Demonic — will have ventured into game development, yet he hinted at his desire for longevity in the industry.

“Games will […] become what films were in the 20th century,” Blomkamp told IGN. “They’ll just be the thing that is the dominant form of cultural entertainment and [I want] to be in that. Mixing my history in visual effects and interest in 3D graphics means I want to have a home base in the creation of games for a really long time.”

Gunzilla Games was launched by co-founders Vlad Korolev and Alex Zoll in 2020 and began with $25 million in funding. The company is headquartered in Frankfurt, Germany, and maintains studios in Los Angeles and Kyiv, Ukraine.

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