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Space Jam: A New Legacy gives a quick nod to a classic Chappelle’s Show sketch that Prince fans are going to love.

In the Warner Bros. sequel that premiered on HBO Max and in theaters on Friday, there is a moment when the Looney Tunes are practicing for the first time under LeBron James’ guidance. Needless to say, a scrimmage quickly descends into silly madness with Granny destroying the basketball hoop with a monster dunk. 

As she pokes out of the rubble, Granny says, “Game, blouses.” That of course is the iconic line from the classic Prince sketch on Chappelle’s Show

In the Comedy Central series segment “Charlie Murphy’s True Hollywood Stories,” the late, great comic-actor told the tale of one night in the ’80s when he and his pals met Prince in a club, then went back to the legendary musician’s place and randomly played a pick-up game of hoops.

As it turns out, Prince was actually a great baller and his team beat Murphy’s pals easily. In the sketch, when Chappelle’s Prince character scores the final points on a dunk, he says “Game, blouses,” which was a reference to an early insult from Murphy over what the singer was wearing. 

And, of course, at the end of the evening, they all ate pancakes.

Watch the classic Chappelle’s Show moment below.

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