Clubhouse Adds Backchannel, a Direct Messaging Feature – The Hollywood Reporter

Clubhouse has launched its direct messaging feature that will allow users to message one another on the previously audio-only social media app, the company said on Wednesday.

Called the Backchannel, Clubhouse users can send individual or group messages to their followers or request to Backchannel with other users. The feature could also be particularly useful for room co-hosts to plan privately which questions they want to ask or how they want to direct the conversation. Listeners can also submit questions to hosts via text or chat with other audience members if they haven’t been called up to the stage as a speaker, and any users can send links to Clubhouse rooms, clubs and personal pages to one another.

Future versions of the feature may allow users to react to messages, start a Clubhouse room from a Backchannel chat, or send photos and videos, according to a teaser video shared on Wednesday.

But the feature may not be entirely new for some users: Last month, Clubhouse appeared to accidentally leak the Backchannel feature to some of its users before quickly rolling it back. With Wednesday’s announcement, Clubhouse DMs are now here to stay.

Since launching on Android in late May, Clubhouse said it has added 8 million new users. The average user spends over an hour on the platform, and the number of Clubhouse rooms created per day has increased to over 500,000, according to the company.

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