Veteran Sales Agent Brian O’Shea – The Hollywood Reporter

What have you missed most about Cannes?

Having a business trip that integrates the glamour of the film business with the transactional nature of film sales at its highest level. The Cannes film market is very intense, but I have to say nothing beats doing business in the south of France with a view of the beach!

What restaurant or bar have you missed?

Plage de Passable – it’s outside Cannes, so go there when the market is over and have a beachside lunch with the view of St.-Jean-Cap-Ferrat.

Is there a specific shop or Cannes activity that you’ve missed?

The end of the market Salim Ramia group dinner at Le Baoli. Great fun with good people I have known for many years in the film industry.

How do you feel about Cannes in July vs May?

I prefer May. It gives me a longer summer and it gives us time to put together new film packages before the fall markets.

What have you not missed about Cannes?

Jetlag. It gets so bad!

How did you spend lockdown?

Working as usual, just with a lot fewer people around and little-to-no L.A. traffic. Bottom line – no traveling and a lot of masking!

How has the past year changed your attitude to theatrical? Is it no longer the main driver of the business?

I believe the theatrical window will always be important; however, this past year has made it even harder to exploit and monetize. Now, more than ever, publicity for films is important as content is being consumed through all different types of devices, with no set windowing. Theatrical distribution forces people to pay attention to a film. Even if a film fails at the box office, it can be an additive to a film’s downstream revenue.

Will you miss Zoom meetings or are they here to stay?

They’re here to stay – selectively. Nothing will replace an in-person meeting. However, on some occasions, I will push for Zoom meetings, especially if the other person is far away and I have something that I can share about a project I’m selling.

Is it going to be weird having to wear pants again for meetings?

Not really, because I never stopped. Too many horror stories about people getting lax about it!


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