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The Hollywood Reporter has released its second Cannes Film Festival digital daily issue, which features an analysis of the European box office rebound, a rundown of helpful do’s and don’ts on the Croisette amid the coronavirus pandemic, a Q&A with Oliver Stone, a flurry of deals as the event kicked off, a bloody Hidden Gem and an Estonia spotlight, among others.

How the European Box Office Revival Raises Hopes for Cinema’s Rebound

The motto of this year’s Cannes festival seems to be “cinema is back.” And looking at Europe’s box office resurgence, industry watchers are hopeful for the pandemic-battered theatrical business. Find all the latest data and what it means right here.

Need a Cannes COVID How-To?

If you are wondering who is attending the Cannes festival and market, what the red carpet and party plans are, what kind of COVID tests and vaccination proof you need and the like, you are not alone. THR breaks down key questions and provides the answers here.

Oliver Stone: “There’s a Memory Hole About Kennedy”

The controversial director is back in the south of France to debut the documentary JFK Revisited: Through the Looking Glass. He told THR via Zoom why he returned to the topic of JFK, his New York dinner with the late JFK Jr. and why he is working exclusively in the documentary space these days.

Deals, Deals, Deals

The festival and market are starting, and deal news is already flowing in. Among others, Hong Sangsoo’s In Front of Your Face has sold wide, while STX has picked up the sequel to Gerard Butler action-thriller Greenland, which had been unveiled at last month’s Cannes virtual market. Plus, THR can reveal exclusively that Archstone has landed satirical thriller Pizzagate Massacre.

Bloody Oranges for Dark Comedy Needs

Oranges Sanguines is French for “Bloody Oranges” and the title of Jean-Christophe Meurisse’s film that is getting a Midnight Screening in Cannes. From a philosophy quote to monstrous behavior, this could be one hidden gem of the fest. Find out more about it here.

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