Who To Trust For Mobile Truck Repairs In Winnipeg

Owning a private fleet of heavy trucks or just the driver of your own company truck can be a great business till your truck breaks down on the side of the highway. You will get some tips in this article even if you don’t live in Winnipeg.

Most shops for heavy truck repairs are located on or around route 90 on the north western corner of the city. RamWinn Inc. is our choice to call for mobile truck repairs around Winnipeg and the province of Manitoba, offering towing, and a multiple bay shop also. Just ask for Phil by calling 204-272-3954, but first please read the following safety tips and self remedies.

Make sure you are safe when getting out of your truck on a highway or in the city, wear a reflective vest and place flares on the road according to your training as a professional driver before gathering details about the breakdown for your local shop.

If you are in an emergency situation involving injuries, fire, diesel spill, or some other dangerous situation like a trailer in the ditch hauling dangerous goods call 911 and notify the Winnipeg Fire Paramedic Service.

There are many other shops offering mobile services in Winnipeg depending on where you break down so if our recommended shop is too far just go to TruckDown.com which is a useful national directory. Even in a major snow storm which Manitoba is prone for you can expect not a very long wait from even the furthest shop in the city.

Source by Darren Chabluk

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