Cannes 2021 According to Publicist Laurent Boye – The Hollywood Reporter

Laurent Boye is founder of Jazo PR.

What have you missed most about Cannes?

Definitely the people I have been working with over the years. It is fun to be part of an ensemble, to figure out together what makes sense for everyone to succeed.

What restaurant or bar have you missed?

Definitely PASTIS and 3.14. Both have teams who are always so kind to me, I feel like a family member.

Is there a specific shop you’ve missed?

The yogurt section of any French supermarket. So many different kinds, so yummy, so many new ones every year to try… I need my dose of French yogurt!

What have you NOT missed about Cannes?

Finding a place to stay, the prices, the accessibility, the beds, the décor… the flats are the worst.

How do you feel about Cannes in July versus May?

I understand why it had to be in July this year but hopefully it will be the first and last time. More tourists, much warmer weather… I’m quite apprehensive.

Will you miss Zoom meetings or are they here to stay?

In a city (L.A.) where driving and parking are a pain, I don’t mind Zoom. It does make your time more efficient. Some meetings in person, as we are social creatures, and some on Zoom, to be able to do more… We just have to find the right balance.

Is wearing pants regularly going to be weird?

I never went too casual — I was too afraid of what would happen if my mid-section was surrounded by an elastic band! I was not interested in letting the virus win on too many fronts.

Best bargain in Cannes?

Supermarket delivery services — I have been using them for years. You just have to be able to read French or be my friend…

Biggest faux pas?

Do not expect for things to be logical and practical in France. Quantum physics makes more sense than France.

Cannes guilty pleasure?

Fat burning French fries, each Cannes I eat French fries once or twice every day and still slim down. It has to be the fries!

One thing you won’t travel without, besides your phone?

My workout gear. I have to start my day with 30 min cardio, running outside or the gym. A good dose of endorphins helps to go through the daily madness.

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