Pogo Once Said, "We Have Met the Enemy and They Are Us!"

Pogo Once Said, “We have met the enemy and they are us!”

Today, I think this is true especially when I sit and have some reflections.

Our nation has become so petty, so corrupt from everything from money to sexual harassment to lord knows what else that we are being killed from within.

Our liberal press seems to do everything it can to avoid helping the newly elected people’s choice as president even after almost a year and even the also ran who lost and has more of a stained record cannot seem to let it go.

As a very conservative republican I sit and think about all the wonderful things FDR did as a president by dragging our country out one of the worst depressions into one of the biggest nations on this planet.

As a kid I remember the millions of young men and women who flocked to the recruiting offices right after the bombing of Pearl Harbor and I truly think that we will never see that again of today’s whining youth.

We have taken prayer and the golden rules out of our schools.

We have erased most of our history especially the parts we do not like.

We have dumbed down most of today’s educational plans.

We have encumbered today’ youth with astronomical college debts!

We have succumbed to the philosophy of “The new World Order”.

We have tied the hands of our police forces, the immigration authorities who strive to keep our borders safe while removing the American flag from most of our fire trucks.

We disrespect our national anthem, our flag, our nation and who knows what else.

We have forgotten who our real hero’s are.

We have a Congress who is either unable to solve our problems or just don’t want to.

We have fostered a nation of corporate lobbyists to appeal to our elected official’s greed.

We have gotten rid of the draft which gave backbone to our nation’s youth.

We have gotten rid of conversation and dialog between people by giving them the newest cell phone every year.

We have homegrown a nation of drug addicts by refusing to really going after the people who are supplying this nation with one of the greatest killers.

I could go on and on…

I remember one of my mentors once saying to me, “You better be wanting what you got because you are getting it!”

I now say to America, “you better be wanting what you got because you are getting it!”

Source by Arlene Wright-Correll

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