How Truckers Can Give Another Trucker Space On The Road – What Truck Driving Schools Don’t Teach You

As a truck driver you will be learning a lot of new things every day. This is important because many truck driving schools don’t have the time to teach you everything. So here are some need-to-know things about giving space to another trucker. This will not only assist you in getting your CDL but it will keep you accident free. Safety is what is on the minds of most truckers today.

Truckers Avoiding Accidents

As a professional truck driver the number one CDL requirement is to always, at all cost avoid an accident. This is done mostly by giving space for another trucker or a 4-wheeler (car or pick-up) as they are merging into traffic. I will explain the steps as follows.

Step 1You are trucking in the right lane with 3 lanes of traffic. You notice ahead a truck is going to be merging on into your lane. By judging the distance you figure that you will clear the trucker as you go by him. So what do you do?

Step 2You look behind you and you notice another truck. You just passed by him and he will most likely be running into to the merging truck. Because by the time he sees the truck he might not have enough time to safely slow down.

Step 3 You flick on your left signal light. Quickly checking your mirrors for fast on coming traffic and then you jump into the middle lane. This will give the truck behind you some open space to space to see the merging truck, and enough time to react and possibly move to the middle lane as well.

Step 4 You get on the CB radio and let the truck driver know that there is a merging truck.

What to do if You Can’t Give Space

The second scenario is that you look into you mirrors and you see that there is no way you can get over. So what you do now?

Step 1 Flick on you left turn signal.

Step 2 And get on the CB radio and let that driver know that there is a truck merging onto the interstate.

This is good because most likely he will be having his radio on so you can warn him. Second by turning on you flicker light you are indicating that for some reason you need to get into the middle lane. This sets a clue to the driver behind you so that he also might need to get into that lane as well.

Trucking Safety

Truck driving safety is the responsibility to every driver. From getting your CDL to operating a commercial vehicle having good safety habits will keep you alive and stress free. So by knowing these simple safety tips your life will be just that much easier. Although some truck driving schools may not get a chance to teach you these things. You can now have confidence on the road being in control of your truck.

Source by David VonAnderseck

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